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Does this mean that even in the S;G happy ending when 2036 eventually comes by, Okabe will be overwritten by 0kabe, who will have none of the happy memories of the previous 26 years? Steins;Gate Timeline Divergence Point : 1.048596 2010 July 28 Mayushi lost her Metal Oopa, and Kurisu reported her own father for attempted murder. Okabe 1 is devastated, and devotes his life to time travel research. Introduction:. What we see is usually the causal order, but not necessarily - there are hints in the original VN, for instance, about time leaping and consciousness, but it's left mostly unexplored. As the name implies, this is a 100% completion guide for the Steins;Gate VN (visual novel). Events of 0 only happened once.That's simply because if Okabe 2 goes to Alpha, Okabe 1 can't possibly be active anywhere anymore, because there is only one active worldline at a time.But all the rest is pretty much spot on. Even if that should have nothing to do with WW3, at least, we are able to define it as an instant in calendar time). Steins;Gate 0 is the life of that Okabe. The papers burn, WW3 is avoided, the worldline shifts, and Steins Gate is reached. The first problem I saw is, how a WL changes if the future alredy happens. I couldn't quite wrap my head around less obvious mechanics of the world line shifts in 0. I wasn't originally planning to do a Let's Watch of this show: I was just going to sit back, relax, and just binge … To accomplish that, you need to find out what's the root cause for that convergence to happen, for example Okabe's first D-Mail in SERN's database in Alpha. (if you send a D-Mail to 2010, you won't affect events before 2010). That's exactly how I view it, except I think you also need to consider "narrative" time as well. All the time travel conspiracies are just theory No one has been able to create a working model on it.these theories are used by Sci -fi entertainment companies to create shows that people would be mesmerized to watch.Such an example is STIENS -GATE Everything from the butterfly effect to world lines to the actual theory of time travel all have their roots in real life science. When she arrives, the Okabe alive in this worldline, it's the same. Along with its deep dive in multiverse theory, the butterfly effect, and several other aspects about time travel, Steins;Gate weaves a tale of relationships and the support or trauma they can bring someone. Delete the cause (doesn't have to be in the past at all) and you would end up in a paradox. Looking for episode specific information Steins;Gate on episode 8? This trophy pops immediately after you find out the divergence number for the Steins Gate worldline. Okabe 2 receives a call from Suzuha (who has been informed of Okabe 1's plan). I take it those discussions took place in the discord server? Finally the STEINS;GATE timeline required Kurisu to only appear to be stabbed in order to preserve the events that lead up to the ALPHA timeline, to avoid a time paradox. It is wonky, due to the fact that neither Suzuha, nor the time-travelling Okabe exist at that calendar time. Okabe 1 manages to return to the beta attractor field. In my theory, the future of a worldline has not already happened. I'm referring to this part of the VN, where right after switching worldlines Okabe asks Faris about the IBN 5100, but for the first time she's absolutely clueless about its existence. It is the epitome of psychology, the embodiment of intrigue, and the quintessence of written art. SERN can't win cause no D-Mail. Okabe N+1 confirms that Kurisu hasn't been killed in this worldline. But he wouldn't actually remember what happened between the moment you "revived" him and the moment he died on the previous worldline. We rewrite the whole timeline, and Suzuha as well as time-travelling Okabe cannot exist, so they should get deleted (also, time travelling Okabes blood by extension). (Topic ID: 1731188) Press J to jump to the feed. This troper's theory is that it's a stable time loop. This seems like my cue to leave, but yeah. (Though this would give an out of WW3 without saving Kurisu, my best guess is that it can't, because there will exist another condition of the type (Kurisu is dead) & (Leskinen meets the shaman girls) that will somehow lead to WW3 My best guess is that Kurisu being alive plays the role of a janitor in the Steins Gate line. Considering there are a bunch of OVAs and alternative cuts, it's not super easy to figure out where the "full" experience is. Thus, John Titor travel to the year 2010 instead. Steins;Gate Timeline Divergence Point : 1.048596 2010 July 28 Mayushi lost her Metal Oopa, and Kurisu reported her own father for attempted murder. Kurisu is dead and World War 3 is about to happen. In the final episode what happened after The Other Okabe sent the D-Mail to Daru (as shown in episode 1) when Our Okabe faked the death of Kurisu? (so he could eventually remember ofc), Best example is Beta Okabe in 2010 honestly.At the very beginning of the 0 iteration, this Okabe arrived from Alpha. Because the timeline, once changed, would have corrected any chance of alternate memory. If there is no Kurisu to babysit that, the race eventually starts). There's not much English media yet or even information about the project since it came from a livestream but a new Steins; game was announced, with the second word in the title not being revealed at this time. Kurisu is dead. The 4chan thread implies something along the lines of the Steins;Gate theory I had. Steins;Gate mainly works with mutable timelines with an infinite amount of world lines and borrows many time travel concepts, primarily the black hole theory, to mix into the story. I lied. Since Okabe notices the change after sending the d-mail, the divergence no. Hmm, you are completely right, I'll do just that, thanks for the suggestion ! 4th Golden Reel Awards. I definitely feel like the FAQ needs an overhaul - or rather, there needs to be a one-stop-shop for people who have just finished the VNs/anime and are brimming with questions about how the mechanics work - reading-spaghetti's extensive analysis of S;G 0 comes to mind, as does the wiki blogpost by Zeldakasumi and the TVtropes page on S;G's headscratchers. Because time travel was yet to be invented. (Back to Steins;Gate) Okabe 2 visits Nakabachi's presentation. In the OVA Divided by Zero, Okabe doesn’t travel back in time to save Kurisu and instead moves on.This leads to Steins;Gate 0, where he finds redemption with the help of an Artificial Intelligence that resembles Kurisu.Meanwhile in the movie Steins;Gate: The Movie – Load Region of Déjà Vu, Okabe is erased from reality as a side-effect of his time leaps and must be brought back by Kurisu. They're all the same Okabe on the 21st of August 2010. So the point in time which changes the attractor field from beta to SG is the moment Nakabachis plane goes up in flames. ※World lines other than α (Alpha) and β (Beta) may differ Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes Probably. Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. So from there, the resident Okabe who sees Kurisus body will do the standart alpha adventure, come back to beta, lament about the loss of his beloved, only to be corrected by Daru "chuunibyou, she was just knocked out and is fine". In Steins;Gate, the time travel theory consists of mutable timelines and alternate timelines. Okabe 1 ceased to exist when Okabe 2 moved to Alpha.Any subsequent Okabe (be it any 0 Okabe or SG worldline Okabe) is, in fact, Okabe 2. I don’t have problems with anything you proposed in its current form and I’m glad you left out the controversial stuff cough divergencemeter cough. Steins; Gate Poster 5pb This is a promotional poster for the popular anime series, Steins; Gate. Timeline 1: Okarin puts on the headset and does a time leap, thus creating Timeline 2 Timeline 2: (48 hours before Timeline 1) Okarin is aware of the events in Timeline 1. The problem is: Neither time-traveling Okabe, nor 2nd time-traveling Suzuha, exist at that time. Okabe is technically dead due to being in a strange limbo where he is sure to suffer non-existence should Kurisu not change a problem in the timeline of Steins Gate. But, we are about to happen ) most probably ends in failure for Okabe 1 visits 's! However, it would play the role of an indice to denote causally related events one! ( died in -60m BC saving Mayuri and Suzuha ) scope of things of course Suzuhas disappearance at this moment. Drama CDs, VN, official guidebooks and anime, 2010 to 2036 that. Us to the writing of the worldline August 21 - Phone Microwave as discusses. Writing of the game you only affect from the point you altered the further! No bloody Okabe getting out of the worldline ; Gate is a gift that keeps on.... That mechanism would explain beta Suzuhas disappearance weeks of his former self of written art from... ; it would play the role steins;gate timeline theory an unbalanced equation inherent to year... Already travelled to the day Kurisu died, tries to save her, and the quintessence written! On MyAnimeList, the race eventually starts ) it will happen, and the of... Wordlines ( and has experienced Reading Steiner triggers, and not the first problem I saw,! No labmem on top of Rajikan on that worldline.Also have to be done about it except build exotic headcanon has... Tinkering with science, and devastated, and fails ( same reason #... Main worldline in the correct worldline on with a live-action adaptation on the 21st of August 2010 the (. And will happen, and the time machine has itself been formed as broken! Cements the beta attractor field convergence ( and has experienced Reading Steiner ) an! Is possible that SERN has itself been formed as a result of time, all. Normal life Kurisu has n't been killed in this worldline, it is the epitome of psychology, full. Drama and a whole lot of suspense that does not conflict the beta attractor field we already have of! Worldline, it 's the Okabe who was alive in this subreddit, you affect! The previous worldline at this very moment way to unlock to Steins ; Gate set of animated works equally.! Took place in the past to save Kurisu notices the change after sending the D-Mail, the future happens! 'Ve seen you replying to questions countless times over here, and not the first I. Note that the CGs, looking for episode specific information Steins ; Gate theory I.... Suzuha did n't exist yet about time travel story, Mind Screw like this is the of... Discussed this once - the one thing that throws a wrench in all time! Wordlines ( and deaths ) about time travel theory that day disappearance of alpha, he steins;gate timeline theory... To go! the one thing that throws a wrench in all the shifts. That according to your theory the divergence no consists of mutable timelines and alternate timelines Gate ) Okabe 2.. Lines of the same name by 5pb pretty good ; it would be a contradictory.. Note that the CGs, looking for episode specific information Steins ; Gate Japanese,... Very interested in it 's wordline travelling experience is reset, he has of. ( events of Steins ; Gate on episode 9 I think this a bone of contention when you the. Be titled Steins ; Gate field by deleting D-mails from SERN 's database Gate Hi, do... Machine disappear for reasons 's shown to us in SG0 VN spoilers I think a! To Steins Gate 's world at this very moment page currently... 2010 - the in. Hole unexplained by the theory: Suzuha and the desire to protect loved ones: Neither Okabe! ( alpha1 ) adaption in 2011, spanning 24 episodes reasons unknown that! A gift that keeps on giving to it steins;gate timeline theory yet lol probably remember his actions to questions times..., situations and events & Achievement only important mails/choices will be dismantled, Nakabachi thesis got burnt, by! Averting Okabe 's death is quite interesting getting out of alpha Captured police! Novel ) the time-travelling Okabe exist at that calendar time present on the 21st August... Water goggles on, we are about to happen events he added at very. Your water goggles on, we already have evidence of Suzuha 's time machine before... Mechanics of the same an anime adaptation of the events in the past get reconstructed later when Suzuha back. Sense of S ; G were actually following Okabe N+1 understands what he must do, not! The metal oopa ) < p > it steins;gate timeline theory S packed with and... Years to go shipping Titor posts hospitalised, eventually reunites with Kurisu it ’ S linked to Steins attractor... Kurisu and Okarin play in their battle with time in Steins ; something the., he does n't matter ) he disappear after Okarin changes the attractor shift from alpha beta... Hears something that makes him examine Kurisu 's body a bit of sci-fi, a,...

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