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Staff Nurse Vacancy: Every year, lakhs of students apply for Government jobs as off now Total 6097 Nursing Jobs were available, and try their best to secure a place in the tough government industry. Urgent needed Candidates who are ready to join for immediate transfer and with Visa 18 transferable. The average salary for this position is $85,000. Upon completing your Master of Science in Nursing, career opportunities break open when compared to the baccalaureate education level. While working as a registered nurse (RN) does not require a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree it will allow the nurse to work in some nursing roles only open to BSN educated nurses.However, one may consider RN to BSN and RN to MSN options. What does an Ebola Epidemic mean to Nurses? Job Growth: 31%. Start searching for career opportunities in your area today! A Certified Oncology Nurse earns anywhere between $49,620 and $91,882, with a base salary of $68,000. NICU nurses also provide emotional support for the parents of these newborns who may have a difficult time coping with the reality of having a sick baby. Average Salary: $81,500 A certified nephrology or dialysis nurse must first become a registered nurse, by getting a bachelor’s of nursing (BSN) and passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The best nursing job will be the one that best suits your unique values and skills. These nurses may create vaccination programs, monitor risk factors for certain types of illnesses or conditions within a community, or help improve access to care. Make a list of what you dislike and like about your current job. They may have jobs as a diabetes management nurse, diabetes educator, a nurse that tests endocrinology, or a clinical nurse. In fact, in the field of nursing, each advanced degree has been shown to be well worth the time, money and effort. They may maintain and calibrate equipment. Neonatal nurse practitioners typically work in level II or III units where more severe cases are seen. Rehabilitation nurses help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities adapt their lifestyle and physical activity to remain as independent as possible, and can also assist people who have undergone traumatic injuries to work their way back to a new normal. Then they must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). To be successful in this career path, certified nurse midwives need to be able to handle stressful medical situations and demonstrate concern and empathy for their patients. A legal nurse consultant can help attorneys on either side of a legal case. Job Growth: 15%. While some people employed in senior home care hold a CNA or LPN certificate, registered nurses with a two- or four-year degree are the only individuals who can provide medical treatments in these settings. The education level required will depend on the type of care a hospice nurse provides, but typically the minimum certification is an LPN certificate. To become an orthopedic nurse practitioner, you must obtain an MSN or higher and obtain nurse practitioner certification. Some of the best nursing careers are in management and administration, but many of the top-paying nursing jobs are still in direct care of patients – after all, healing is the reason most nurses get into nursing in the first place. 2. They may perform in an advisory role within a law office that deals with medical malpractice, insurance fraud, worker’s compensation, or personal injury cases. Typical job requirements of a nurse case manager are understand the needs of the patient and consult with other physicians about the patient’s care. Psychiatric mental health nurses provide care for individuals with mental illness in medical practices, hospitals, and mental health facilities. Since nursing director is a high-level management position, it is usually necessary for a nurse to have several years of management experience in lesser roles before assuming to position of nursing director. NICU nurses must hold an RN certificate and a BSN, and they may also be required to spend more time in clinical training to prepare for this career. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. In some nursing occupations, the job market is expected to grow by as much as 31%. Geriatric nurses can work in hospital or clinic settings, geriatric medical practices, or assisted living facilities. They help to improve the health of patients by monitoring that the patient is following orders and providing ongoing updates and evaluation. This career has a positive anticipated ten-year growth rate of 31%. To become this type of nurse, you will need an RN license, a BSN or higher, and complete a WOCN-accredited program and relevant clinical experience. After receiving the degree, a student must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to get licensed. For those with IT experience, Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) Informatics analysts can find jobs as a nurse manager in hospitals, or nursing organizations, a nurse programmer, or as a vendor representative. Senior home care nurses provide in-home support for senior patients, but they can also work in nursing homes and assisted living communities. The RN must take classwork specific to the care of cancer, as well as clinical practice. These nurses treat wounds, provide pain management options, and help patients learn how to care for their conditions at home. Head nurses often coordinate with multiple disciplines for complex cases. If you are in a hospital setting, a good move may be within the hospital so that you retain your seniority and benefits. Average Salary: $71,500 One of the best nursing jobs for nurses with management aspirations is nursing director, which has an average annual salary of $83,000. Average Salary: $98,600 In the list below, we will discuss thirty different types of nurses and what each specific type is responsible for. Nurses in the ER may perform minor medical procedures, administer medicine, monitor current health conditions, and prepare patients for discharge or admittance to a hospital room. To obtain this type of job, you’ll need ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certification, CPR certification, and a minimum number of years working in emergency or critical care. They consider the patients wants and needs while developing a proper care plan. Know yourself. Pediatric nurse practitioners who work in hospitals are often required to do shift work and may have to work evenings or overnight. A master’s degree in nursing is welcomed, and an internship or residency in the surgical ward. A nurse anesthetist usually works at a hospital, clinic, or private practice as part of a team that often includes an anesthesiologist. Top 30 National Nursing Scholarships for 2019, job market is expected to grow by as much as 31%, average salary around $143,000, the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and certification as a nurse anesthetist, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is one of the top-paying nursing jobs, Cardiovascular perfusionist is one of the best nursing careers, certification from the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, Orthopedic nurse practitioners are also among the highest-paid nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioner is one of the top-paying nursing jobs, Acute care nurse practitioner is one of the best nursing jobs, acute care nurse practitioner, you must complete an MSN or DNP, Certified nurse midwives earn an average of $91,000 per year, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), pediatric nurse practitioner may be one of the best types of nursing jobs, Corporate nurses work in settings that are not typical health care facilities, nursing director, which has an average annual salary of $83,000, Nurse Researcher are among the highest paid nurses, Nursing Informatics Analyst, with a base pay around $57,00, Nursing Informatics Analyst must receive a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN), Certified Nephrology or Dialysis Nurse is one of the top paying nursing jobs, Head Nurse, with a salary range of $49,000 to $106,000, Nurse Case Manager is one of the best nursing jobs, Perioperative Nurse is a registered nurse, Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Examination, Certified Oncology Nurse earns anywhere between $49,620 and $91,882, Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner (AOCNP) exam, Disease Management Nurse earns an average of $66,500 per year, salary for a Pediatric Endocrinology Registered (PED ENDO) Nurse, Hospice Nurse earns between $50,467 to $83,517, Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (CHPN) Exam, A Pain Management Nurse earns between $46,621 to $92,712, certification in pain management through the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, A Neonatal (NICU) Nurse earns $48,783 to $97,322, 25 Most Affordable Associate Degree in Nursing Programs for 2021, Top 25 Associate Degree in Nursing Programs for 2021, Top 25 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Nursing Educator Programs for 2021, Top 25 Online Nursing Educator MSN Programs for 2021, 10 Best Nursing Programs in New York for 2020, Certified Nephrology/Dialysis Nurse ($78,000). Some hospitals may give preference to candidates with a BSN and a certain number of years experience working in a hospital setting. Average Salary: $66,500 Average Salary: $101,000 If you want to become a nursing director, you must first become a registered nurse (RN) and hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. Finding the Antidote Abroad: Medical Tourism Explained, Drawing Blood: The Most Taxing Fields of Nursing, Informatics – The Newest Nursing Masters Degree, Medical Tourism: Crossing Borders for Healthcare, 10 Most Common Problems Treated in Emergency Rooms. Average Salary: $68,000 Dialysis nurses work with patients who are experiencing kidney failure, and many of their patients may also be diabetic. Education Needed: MSN Nursing (Staff Nurse) in India is the practice of care for medical patients. Apply to Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse, Chief Nursing Officer and more! Average Salary: $64,000 Education Needed: MSN Below you can find a list of different types of nurses and descriptions for the 20 fastest-growing nursing specialties. Nurses Job in Kuwait, Salary: KWD 450. Check out this list of top 50 nursing career options, and determine which one speaks to your interests. The average pay is about $80,305 with a 15% expected job growth in this field. Some teach part-time, others full-time. Nurse Informaticist joins our list of least stressful nursing jobs due to its unique occupational ability to impact patients, without actually having to interact with patients. Have you ever thought about helping the police catch criminals through the use of forensic evidence? Nurses are in higher demand than ever before. With an average salary around $143,000, the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) position tops the list of the highest-paid nursing jobs in the world. These services include administering already-prescribed medications, providing first aid, and offering basic therapeutic care for children who become ill while in class. Find Occupational Health Nurse Jobs . They will discuss the patient’s full history including current symptoms. All average salaries are estimates, and the amount you can make on average will depend on the area you live in as well as the demand for each type of nurse in that area. Nurse practitioners might work in medical practices, urgent care centers, and hospital settings. A nurse care manager must be a registered nurse (RN) with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). Safety and hygiene are the top priority to an oncology nurse. Skilled nursing care may also involve wound care for diabetic patients or other daily medical treatments. A disease management nurse can work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, long term health facilities, and outpatient facilities. The nurse provides palliative care as well as emotional support for each patient, and he or she also helps the family to begin coping with grief and stress. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The tasks these nurses perform depend on the setting, but it can involve treating minor injuries, administering vaccinations, and providing supportive care. Average Salary: $78,000 They also assist patients with things like hypoglycemia, endocrine gland disorders, and diabetes. You must also be licensed to practice in the state where you will be working. A degree with a specialty in midwifery is preferred. The expected ten-year job growth for this career is 31%. Best Gifts for Nurses. A neonatal nurse practitioner works in the neonatal intensive care unit with other NICU nurses and provides care for premature infants with medical conditions and complications. Nurses wishing to pursue this option as a career choice should have emergency room or critical care experience in addition to an RN license and a BSN degree. Education Needed: BSN/MSN This job is a challenging one, and anyone who takes on the role of a corrections nurse must be able to remain objective, even when treating patients who have committed serious crimes. They will organize, and assist with clinical trials to study new medications or learn new forms of treatment. They often deliver medication through IVs. A nursing informatics analyst works within a nursing department in organizations and analyze trends and uses technology to improve patient health and care. Job Growth: 31%. You must complete a master’s program to become a nurse practitioner. 25 Unique Jobs in Nursing The salary and differentials between a bachelors degree and masters degree exceed the difference be a masters degree and a doctorate – a phenomenon often referred to as the law of diminishing returns. A head nurse manages nursing staff and patients. Since they work for an agency, rather than a specific hospital, their jobs often shift from place to place. Acute care nurse practitioners need strong communication skills and must be able to work well with others as part of a team. These nurses provide first aid as well as acute care for illnesses. Pain management nurses review patients history and current condition to understand the level and reasons for their pain. This is partially due to the fact that the Baby Boomer generation is aging, and this larger population of senior citizens will need experienced medical care. They may also provide expert testimony before a judge and jury or collect documentation to help prepare a case. masters or a doctoral degree) has a positive impact on promotion and advancement, and on salary level. They develop care plans for when the patient leaves the facility. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. A certified nephrology or dialysis nurse works in doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. In this specialty nursing field, nurses … A disaster management nurse provides a range of services for disasters, including prevention. While they should be licensed RNs, the amount of direct medical care provided in this role may be minimal. They also run workplace healthcare programs. Average Salary: $85,000 Job email alerts. Education Needed: ADN/BSN Education Needed: MSN/DNP For nurses who love working with children, this can be a rewarding career opportunity. A charge nurse is responsible for the overall level of care patients receive in his or her unit, and as a result, they may see fewer individual patients to help manage the unit. You’ll meet these nurses when applying for a job and have to take a pre-placement medical. Employers tend to favor candidates who have prior experience in reproductive health or neonatal care. Nurse practitioners might work in medical practices, urgent care centers, and hospital settings. Some rural nurses offer house calls, particularly for patients who are unable to drive and who can’t access public transportation. They must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Whatever your role, being a nurse is as rewarding as it is challenging. Education Needed: MSN/DNP Requirements for licensing can vary from one state to another. A degree with a focus in psychiatric nursing is preferred. Occupational health nurses help to maintain safe working environments, and they may also treat workplace illnesses and injuries. Of course, the demand for nurses has been steadily rising over the last few decades. A nurse may show a patient how to change an ostomy bag or help families learn how to care for and provide support for family members. Then the RN must take and pass the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Examination (CMSRNE). An RN license and a BSN are both required for this role, though some employers may require an MSN. Typically, these jobs require at least a few years of hands-on, clinical nursing experience. Related to job satisfaction is job location and mobility. Oncology (Cancer) Nurse. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is one of the top-paying nursing jobs with an average salary around $126,500. The nurse care manager constantly interacts with the patient and is aware of any and all changes. They often are responsible for finding appropriate candidates for trials and they must analyze the patient’s past and present health. This job has a projected 20% ten-year growth rate, so it is likely that more CNOs will be needed in years to come, and most CNOs report being extremely satisfied with their work. The average salary is $70,250. In some states, a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) certification is also required. Ambulatory Care Nurses take care of temporary patients who reside in hospitals for twenty-four hours or less. They may help local municipalities create a disaster management and prevention plan, and they may also provide a response to emergencies. Psychiatric nurse practitioners must be patient and caring since they often work with patients who have serious mood disorders. These nurses travel to the homes of their patients and often provide parents with advice on how to provide continuous care as well as emotional support. Job Growth: 15%. Average Salary: $61,500 A rural nurse will provide basic nursing care for communities that are underserved or that don’t have access to hospitals. A bunch of Nursing Govt Jobs 2020 are available on this page. These nurses must be able to work quickly under pressure and feel comfortable in a range of different environments. They create a targeted care plan for the patient. They perform many of the same duties as a certified nurse midwife, but typically don’t focus specifically on pregnancy, labor and delivery services. Start your new career right now! They are also referred to as surgical nurses. And assist if you injure yourself at work and need immediate treatment. They can provide pre- and post-operative care for patients, assisting with preparation for anesthesia, and ensuring patients understand the procedures they are having performed. To become a pediatric nurse practitioner, you must first earn an MSN or DNP and then obtain any licenses and certifications required by the state. Nurses who wish to become psychiatric nurse practitioners must complete an MSN or DNP and become registered nurse practitioners. Chief Nursing Officer is one of the best nursing jobs for nurses who want to be involved in management. When considering nursing career paths and objectives, remember to consider them in terms of the different levels of nursing and salaries. They must have experience by working in the nursing field as a RN. This is a high-level management position. A Nurse Researcher are among the highest paid nurses in the world with a base salary of $63,000 and a top salary of over $147,000. These nurses may see a number of different patients each day, and there may not be a lot of opportunities to build relationships with patients due to the nature of the work. Certified registered nurse anesthetists often work long hours and must be able to work well under pressure. These nurses may work in hospital, clinical or private practice settings, and they are responsible for monitoring each patient’s condition and administering medication as needed. An ADN or BSN is typically required for this position. While the benefits of a masters degree in nursing include an elevated MSN salary, it is noted that there are many specialty nursing positions for those with a baccalaureate degree in nursing that have more increased salaries and benefits without a more advanced degree. They also monitor equipment and conduct check-ups on patients to determine the effectiveness of their treatments. A surgical nurse must first become a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Job Growth: 20%. Charge nurses perform the typical role of a registered nurse with some additional administrative duties. After completing 3,000 experience hours in a nephrology clinic and 30 credit hours of education in nephrology, the nurse must pass the Certified Nephrology Nurse Certification given through the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC). Nurses applying to these jobs should hold an RN certificate as well as an associate or baccalaureate degree. They work with a team of professionals within the NICU. The main function of a pain management nurse is to help patients manage pain. The duties of an ER nurse may depend on the level of care a hospital’s emergency room offers. Job Growth: 15%. Certified nurse anesthetists must complete a graduate-level degree and become certified through the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists. Job responsibilities include determining the type and amount of anesthesia required, administering anesthesia, explaining procedures to patients, and helping patients remain calm before and during the procedure. They are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who focus on improving the quality of nursing care in their specialties. An ADN or BSN is required, though a BSN may be preferred for assisting with more complex procedures, such as craniofacial reconstructive surgery. They they must receive additional training and coursework in case management. Certified nurse midwives earn an average of $91,000 per year. Family nurse practitioners serve in a primary medical caregiver role, and they often work in clinics or medical practices. Average Salary: $87,000 They must pass the National Council Licensure Examination to obtain a license as a registered nurse. Nurse: job description. Flight transportation nurses accompany patients during air transport to medical facilities. Nurses seeking to work with the Red Cross need an RN license and an ADN or BSN. Job responsibilities include planning and organization, supervising other nurses, evaluating their performance, and making sure the unit is in compliance with hospital policies and government regulations. Join nursing, and you'll become part of the health care profession's largest field of practice. To become a family nurse practitioner, you must first become a registered nurse (RN) and earn an MSN or DNP degree. Average Salary: $126,500 A radiology nurse helps prepare patients for a host of different procedures, including ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans. An orthopedic nurse practitioner usually works in the orthopedic surgery department in a hospital setting. They may also provide in-home care assistance to patients. There are rewarding, high-paying jobs at every level of nursing education, from the Associate’s Degree in Nursing to the Doctor of Nursing Practice, and the best nursing jobs don’t necessarily require the highest level of education. Someone interested in becoming a PED ENDO should have pediatric nursing, endocrinology, and internal medicine experience. They listen to symptoms over the phone and help patients determine which course of treatment or action is correct for each patient. A nurse is required to pass a state licensing examination. They must ensure privacy and safety is followed at all time. Nurse anesthetists typically need to possess a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and certification as a nurse anesthetist.

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